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Rodent Cleanup

The attic and crawl space are the most common areas for rodents to infest.  Rodents are known to destroy duct work, wiring, and insulation. Their droppings carry diseases and bacteria into your home.  Address the issue quick to avoid unneccessary and expensive costs due to these unwanted pests. 

vapor barriers

Controlling the moisture levels underneath your home prevents mold, dry rot, and potential pest problems. Vapor Barriers are a cost efficient way to prevent further damage to your home due to excessive moisture.

Attic Insulation - Removal

It is very common for rodents to infest attics.  Unfortunately, this means that droppings and urine have contaminated your insulation. Removal of infested insulation is the first step to a cleaner home, followed by thorough sanitation of the area and renewed insulation.


Ensure that rodents will not return to the inside of your home. Exclusion services are provided to guarantee your crawl space and attic remains clean after it is serviced.

Attic Insulation - Installation

Renewing the insulation in your home is crucial to protecting your investment in heating and air conditioning.

We provide insulation install services to both rodent infested and non-rodent infested homes.


There are over 200 diseases that can be found in rodent droppings as well as their carcasses.  It is considered a bio-hazard by the state of California and you should not attempt to clean it up yourself.  At Crawlspace Clean we take the appropriate actions to handle your situation according to OSHA and the state of California.